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MARC Google Group and Email Distribution

Click here to request to join the group. After you join and are accepted you may send emails to this address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    General Information

    • Anything sent to the e-mail address for the MARC e-mail distribution list will be sent to all who have joined the list.
    • To prevent spam only those who have joined the list will be able to send messages to it, and any e-mails sent from a non-registered e-mail address will be blocked.
    • For your privacy individual e-mail addresses will not be made public and the list administrators are the only ones who are able to view the individual addresses.  However, if you send an e-mail to the list your e-mail address WILL be visible to everyone on the list.
    • The list administrators are Kevin, N1ERS and Erich, W1EJK.
    • Anyone with an interest in amateur radio is permitted to join the e-mail list even if they are not a member of MARC.

    Acceptable Use

    • Distribution of the monthly club newsletter.
    • For announcements and information regarding club activities.
    • Sharing other amateur radio related information that may be of importance or interest to club members.
    • Announcing amateur radio related items that you have for sale.

    Non Acceptable Use

    • Sending jokes, cartoons, spam, chain letters, and other junk mail.
    • Using the list for commercial reasons. (However, if you have an amateur radio related item for sale that is acceptable.)
    • Using the list to communicate in a one-to-one manner.  If you have something that is only between you and another person on the list please contact that person directly.

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